8e NORME Évaluation et sélection des projets de conservation


A. Planification stratégique de la conservation

Beyond Islands of Green (OLTA)

CMP Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation (OLTA)

Great Lakes Conservation Blueprint for Terrestrial Biodiversity, Vol1 (OLTA)

IUCN Guidelines for Species Conservation Planning (OLTA)

KNC The Kawarthas, Naturally Connected, Phase1 Project Report (OLTA)

EC How Much Habitat Is Enough? 3rd Ed 2013 (Great Lakes) (OLTA)

Vaughan Conservation Land Securement Strategy, 2014 (OLTA)

Documenting and Protecting Biodiveristy on Land Trust Projects, Wilson 2011 (OLTA)

Developing a Conservation Plan: A Basic Guide for Land Trusts (LTABC)

Stratégie de priorisation des actions de conservation (RMN)

B. Critères de sélection des projets

Ontario Ecological Gifts Handbook, Criteria for Ecologically Sensitive Lands (OLTA)

EALT Regional Land Securement Strategy (OLTA)

Greenlands Acquisition Project, 2016-2020 (OLTA)

Land Trust Property Summary Template (OLTA)

Property Acquisition and Disposal (OLTA)

Land Trust Selection Procedures, Worksheet 2 (OLTA)

ORMLT Securement Direction and Principles Policy (OLTA)

Conservation Values of Your Land (LTABC)

Saving Your Land (pamphlet) (LTABC)

Sélection et approbation de projets (RMN)

Quand l’habitat est-il suffisant? (RMN)

Comptabilisation des aires protégées et des autres aires de conservation (RMN)

C. Évaluation des projets

OFT Property Record Blank Sheet (OLTA)

Cootes to Escarpment Park System, Land Securement Strategy 2011 (OLTA)

gsp Implementation Guidelines (OLTA)

LCKFLA Land Acquisition Policy (OLTA)

Land Trust Property Summary Template (OLTA)

Agricultural Site Assessment (OLTA)

Culture Site Assessment (OLTA)

Environmental Assessment Screening Criteria Form (OLTA)

Hazard Analysis Form (OLTA)

Natural Values Site Assessment Score Sheet (OLTA)

Options for Protecting the Ecological Values of your Land, Now and Into the Future (LTABC)

Outil d’aide à la décision (RMN)

D. Planification de projet

OLT Property Securement Process Checklist for Projects (OLTA)

Land Securement Manual, 2003 (OLTA)

OFT Appendix IV, Land Securement Procedural Checklist (OLTA)

Normes ouvertes pour la pratique de la conservation (RMN)

E. Documentation relative aux partenariats

Conservation Partnership Center (OLTA)

Partnership Policy (OLTA)

Principles for Partnerships (OLTA)

Leases and Licenses (LTABC)

Resource Guide for Collaborative Conservation Planning (LTABC)

Collaborative Conservation Planning Resource Guide Summary (LTABC)