Our Mission, Vision, Strategic Plan

Our Mission and Vision

The Alliance of Canadian Land Trusts (ACLT)’s mission is to support and empower land trusts across Canada to be vibrant, unified and effective in advancing land conservation.

The vision of the ACLT is protecting nature through the stewardship and conservation of our most vital landscapes in communities across Canada.


Theory of Change

If ACLT helps land trusts across Canada strengthen through finding a common voice and building capacity, then we will increase our visibility and capacity as a community and influence conservation in Canada, because we will be united, visible and vibrant.


Our Strategic Plan

The goals for our strategic plan:

  • Organizational health
  • National leadership


Purpose of the National Organization

  • Raise the profile of land trusts nationally
  • Provide national opportunities for partnerships, education, and leadership
  • Support the Federal Government in achieving national objectives
  • Maintain and enhance partnerships between land trusts and the Federal Government
  • Strengthen governance and reduce risk
  • Secure funding for national activities that will directly support Alliances and land trusts, while strengthening the role of the alliances
  • Develop national tools and initiatives that benefit land trusts and partners

The ACLT will increase the visibility and influence of land trusts in the national context.  As a newly founded organization, the ACLT will focus on being a well-run charitable organization with excellent governance and operations systems in place considering diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Board of Directors, Executive Director (ED), and other staff will be guided by internal policies, strategies, and effective business systems.

The ACLT will become a membership organization that supports and serves land trusts from across Canada and serves as their voice at the national level. ACLT will work with Wildlife Habitat Canada (WHC) to ensure that the Land Conservation Funds are distributed to land trusts in the most effective manner and continue to provide important funding flexibility.

The ACLT will provide land trusts with tools that will help them strengthen their capacity in terms of adopting and implementing the Canadian Land Trusts Standards and Practices. The ACLT will bring land trusts across Canada together in 2025 and will attend provincial alliances conferences to update you on our progress.

The ACLT will position itself as an independent and unified partner with indigenous peoples, national and international organizations, and the federal government in order to increase the visibility of Canadian land trusts though partnerships building, joint projects and mutual respect.


Alliance of Canadian Land Trusts/Alliance canadienne des organismes de conservation
Charitable No. 799556519RR0001