The Alliance of Canadian Land Trusts (ACLT)’s mission is to support and empower land trusts across Canada to be vibrant, unified and effective in advancing land conservation.

The vision of the ACLT is protecting nature through the stewardship and conservation of our most vital landscapes in communities across Canada.

Theory of Change ~ If ACLT helps land trusts across Canada strengthen through finding a common voice and building capacity, then we will increase our visibility and capacity as a community and influence conservation in Canada, because we will be united, visible and vibrant.



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In 2019, the Federal Nature Fund allocated $20 M in funding to Land Trusts over 4 years.

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We express our gratitude for the lands, sky, and waters stretching across Canada, and the animals and plants who call it home. We are grateful for their beauty and bounty, and we thank Indigenous peoples who were and are the traditional guardians of this land. We are grateful for the land, sharing of knowledge, medicine, and much more.
Canada has been home since time immemorial to the ancestors of the First Nation, Métis people, and Inuit. As a national organization, ACLT operates in various parts of Canada, and we acknowledge that many of ACLT’s employees and volunteers are settlers working and living on traditional territories of the First Peoples of this land.
To understand and read more about the many Indigenous people and territories that exist here in the land we now know as Canada, please go to
Alliance of Canadian Land Trusts/Alliance canadienne des organismes de conservation
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