STANDARD 11 – Conservation Agreement Stewardship


A. Funding Conservation Agreement Stewardship

OFT Land Stewardship Fund Policy (OLTA)

Stewardship Budgeting Example (OLTA)

ORMLT Task Group Report on Stewardship Funding (OLTA)

Cost of Stewardship (OLTA)

Fact Sheet 2 Determining Costs for Conservation Easement Agreements (OLTA)

Fact Sheet 5 Cost of Enforcement for Conservation Easement Agreements (OLTA)

Stewardship Guide (OLTA)

Stewardship Calculator (OLTA)

ORMLT Standard 11A and 12A Conservation Easement Stewardship (OLTA)

B. Baseline Documentation Report

LTA Conservation Easement Drafting and Documentation Ch3 Baseline Documentation Reports (OLTA)

OHT-OLTA Baseline Documentation Report (OLTA)

Annotated Baseline Documentation Report Template (OLTA)

Fact Sheet 8 Baseline Documentation Report (OLTA)

Rapport de documentation de base (RMN)

C. Conservation Agreement Compliance Monitoring

OFT Property Record Blank Sheet (OLTA)

Conservation Easement Agreements, Best Practices (OLTA)

ORMLT Property Record Sheet Blank (OLTA)

OFT Monitoring of Protected Properties Guide (OLTA)

Conservation Easement Monitoring Report (OLTA)

Fact Sheet 7 Conservation Easement Monitoring (OLTA)

OLT Monitoring Visit Report Template Sample (OLTA)

D. Landowner Relationships

Strengthening CEA Practices for Securement, Attridge, OLTA CEA Working Group (OLTA)

CEA Best Practices (OLTA)

BTC Landowner Relations Manual (OLTA)

Fact Sheet 6 Landowner Relations (OLTA)

Stewardship Guide (OLTA)

OLT Property Contact Report Blank Template (OLTA)

A Landowners Guide to Implementing a Conservation Covenant (LTABC)

E. Conservation Agreement Enforcement

OFT Managing Violations on Easement Properties Policy (OLTA)

Sample Violations Policy and Procedures (OLTA)

Stengthening CEA Practices for Securement, Attridge, OLTA CEA Working Group (OLTA)

OLTA CEA Best Practices (OLTA)

NCC Easement Enforcement Guidelines (OLTA)

Greening Your Title Ch12 Enforcement Practices (OLTA)

Conservation Covenants and Law (LTABC)

F. Approval and Permitted Rights

OLTA CEA Best Practices (OLTA)

BTC Landowner Relations Manual (OLTA)

G. Contingency Strategy

Conservation Land Act (OLTA)

H. Amendments

OFT Easement Amendment Policy (OLTA)

I. Expropriation

Expropriations Act (OLTA)

J. Partial or Full Extinguishment

Conservation Land Act (OLTA)