STANDARD 12 – Land Stewardship


A. Funding Land Stewardship

OFT Land Stewardship Fund Policy (OLTA)

CLTWG Stewardship Funding Model Sample (OLTA)

ORMLT Task Group Report on Stewardship Funding (OLTA)

Fact Sheet 1 Determining Steward Costs (OLTA)

Stewardship Guide (OLTA)

Worksheet Calculating Costs  of Stewardship (OLTA)

B. Land Management and Stewardship

Property Management Plan Template (OLTA)

TCC Land Stewardship Policy (OLTA)

BTC A Guide To Land Stewardship (OLTA)

NCC Land Stewardship, Rousseau-Clair, 2019 (OLTA)

Cultural Site Assessment (OLTA)

Natural Values Site Assessment (OLTA)

ORMLT Property Management Plan Template (OLTA)

ORMLT Stewardship Direction and Principles Policy (OLTA)

A Volunteer’s Manual for Land Management  (OLTA):

Land Management Binder Cover


Table of Contents

Section Title Pages

Section A – Introduction

Section B – Volunteers

Section  C – Getting on the Land

Section D – Preparing a Management Plan

Section E – Managing Conservation Easements




Management and Handshake Agreements (LTABC)

Protecting Nature on Private Land – Profits à Prendre (LTABC)

C. Inspecting Land Trust Properties

Trespass to Property Act (OLTA)

TCC Conservancy Signage Policy (OLTA)

Find a Surveyor Module, The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (OLTA)

NCC Land Stewardship, Rousseau-Clair, 2019 (OLTA)

Land Stewardship for Landowners and Volunteers (LTABC)

D. Contingency Strategy

Not-For-Profit Incorporator’s Handbook, Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General (OLTA)

E. Expropriation

Expropriations Act (OLTA)